Shah Khalid – A Successful Investor

Mohammad Shah Khalid a highly skilled man in the digital investment world. He is working for travel agencies to specializing in luxury travel experiences in Europe, Asia, and America. But he is highly aimed to work for all over the world. Doesn’t matter where you want to travel, Shah Khalid’s expertise advice will help you to do it in a home-like environment. More than ten years he is working as a personal travel adviser.

Shah Khalid Profile Picture

Shah Khalid

In 2014 he launches his very first website and now he is building digital companies.

Shah Khalid created Slash Ideas in partnership with Fahim Ahsan.

Expertise of Shah Khalid

The person behind Slash Ideas is a multi-talented diamond. Digital ventures are going to be gold with his creative thoughts and touches. Below are only a few we mentioned about his skills.

Here we are highlighting only a few of his skills.

  • More than ten years of experience in travel business and marketing.
  • A successful advisor of four Asian travel agency
  • Expert and industry leader in the area of travel services
  • High global networking capabilities
  • Customer relationship development
  • Business trip advisor
  • Event management and customized solution
  • Content creator on adventure travel, business trip and more.

A few words from Mohammad Shah Khalid

Hey, I’m Shah Khalid! Welcome to Slash Ideas!

I am a boldly expert in my field (Travel and tourism). I’m currently building up a new digital company and looking for my next challenge! I am highly ambitious and hardworking person. I can prove that nothing is impossible if we value our time and harder and smarter on it. I’m proud to be a part of digital medias to help people like you. Drop me a line if you would like to meet me!

My aim is to build a powerful digital community where people will get premium service for free. I hope, people like you will help us to build a stronger community.

It’d be my pleasure to assist you out with any questions you have regarding a travel and tourism (i.e. agencies, career, adventure, airlines etc)

A little personal detail about Mr. Shah Khalid

Who is he? Shah Khalid is Asia-based business owner born in Bangladesh.

Shah Khalid’s Career at a glance

Shah Khalid holds a B.A. degree in Travel and Tourism from a reputed university in UAE.

Birth Name:   Mohammad Shah Khalid
Birth Date:    December 17, 1983 (age 33)
Nationality:   Bangladeshi
Occupation:  Travel Agent, Investor, Blogger
Specializations: Leadership, Public Speaking

In his leisure days, he loves to spend time with family and goes to see the world.

Shah Khalid with his wife on a tour

Mr. Khalid with his wife on a tour

Contact Info:

Social link: Facebook

Mobile +8801614167060