Safe Places To Travel Alone In Asia [Infographic]

Solo traveling can seem daunting for the first time traveler. Therefore, many people love solo travel. Many of you are looking for beautiful destinations for solo female travel. If you are one of them and want to travel alone in Asia, this article is on of must-read recommendations for you.


Before your first trip as a solo female traveler, you should know about the safe places to travel in Asia. Many places may look beautiful and may have things to enjoy but can be dangerous for outlanders. Some countries and cities are gorgeous and beautiful to visit in the daytime but terrible after the sun set. So, before you go out of home to travel alone, know the place and its background. Its good to have some idea about crime rate of the place you are going to visit.


Safe places to travel alone in Asia: Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the safe countries for female solo travelers in Asia Pacific. The country holds moderate crime rate and stands in a good global safety rank.


Hong Kong: A safe place to travel alone in Asia

Hong Kong is another safest country for women to travel alone. The country holds a very low crime rate. Over 88% resident of the country feel safe to walk at night. Its friendly environment increases tourist every year. Hong Kong remains in the top ten safest place to travel alone list for more than ten years in a row.


Safe places to travel alone in Asia: Australia

Australia has very low crime rate on a world scale and ranks 13th in global safety ranking list. Australian peoples are very friendly, so you will find company if you want. Solo female tourist rate rises highly in last seven years. Many Western and American women are traveling alone here.



Safe places to travel alone in Asia: New Zealand

Solo traveling for women in New Zealand is perfect for the first timer. The country is undoubtedly safe to travel alone. Its lifestyle is highly inspiring, and the weather is ideal for health. Probably, New Zealand is the safest country in the world. Overall, I’d give Nine out of ten on a scale where 10 is the highest positive mark.

New Zealand is a great place to get started on the solo travel journey.

If you love to travel around outdoors, then you should set a trip to New Zealand.

Check out the infographic about safest places to travel alone in Asia and pin it for later:

safe places to travel alone

More Asian countries are safe to travel alone as a solo female traveler. Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Mongolia are famous in the list.