How To Be The Perfect Tourist in New York City

Being a tourist in New York City can be a daunting experience, either because you try to visit many places in a few days or because you just want to adjust to the fastest pace of life. For the trip you must have planned the perfect itinerary, but do you know how to be the perfect tourist? Always remember that no matter the place you visit, you are a guest, so you should always consider your “host,” or in this case, New Yorkers.



Here we will show you a guide to make the most of your visit, but always be respectful and considerate with the inhabitants. If you follow these tips, you will be a well-received tourist in the city of New York for many years.

10 Tips for visiting new york city for the first time

1. Walk fast.

You’ve probably heard almost everyone in New York say that people walk there fast, talk fast, and do a lot of things fast. That is very true. Even people without a fixed destination almost always walk fast as if they are critical people and are late for a meeting. The most rapid pace has been accepted as part of New York culture, so even if you’re not in a hurry, you should speed up your pace and pay attention to your surroundings, especially in crowded areas such as subway stations. Make sure you do not walk too slowly or block anyone’s path. You never know if the person you block is too late for a meeting that can cost you your time and money.

2. Have a purpose.

Whether you’re ordering a “soy milk, double, large and very hot” or a Big Mac, you should always know what you want before going to the box. It’s almost always uncomfortable, but try not to ask too many questions in the box or take more time than you need to order what you want. In many cases, there are New Yorkers behind you who already know what they will order and want to have their order as fast as possible. If the line rushes and you are in front of the box before you know what you want, let the person behind you advance, until you know what to order. If you have difficulty reading the menu, step aside so you can see it well so the person behind you can order.

3. Be a Metro expert.

You should always have your meter card on hand before passing it through the tourniquet. Do not stand in front of the access turnstile and look inside your bag because you block others. When the train arrives, before entering, first let people out (this is very important!). Move as far as you can and keep your handbag or purse very close to you, especially at rush hour. If you find a seat, sit down quickly. When you get off the train, walk in the direction of the nearest exit. Do not stand in front of the door and look for signs, just keep walking until you find an exit.

4. Don’t disturb other peoples

You will locate the door on the way, and you will not block anyone. You do not want to be the person who blocks the subway door too long for others to lose. Try not to stare at another Metro passenger. Usually, people do not look at or talk to others in the subway unless they are with a friend or relative. It only occupies one place. Do not eat anything that has a strong smell inside the train. Put your backpack in your lap or on your legs, not in the next seat. If you are lost, and you think you have taken on the wrong train, do not be afraid to ask for help. There is always someone nice who will help you.

Here is an app for Apple user to find Metro subway and it’s map.

5. Do not carry backpacks very grades.

You’re visiting New York City, not backpacking in Europe. Large bulky bags not only occupy quite a lot of space on the subway or in the corridors, but you could hit someone with it if you do not pay attention. You should use handbags, small backpacks (such as those worn at school), or purses to carry something with you.

6. Stand aside.

If you need to stop for some reason on the path (for example, to see the map, etc.), remember to put aside. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk because you will cause others to walk around you. This is far too inconsiderate for those who also walk on the same sidewalk.

It is not bad to cross if the traffic light is red, and if you see that there are no vehicles in the opposite direction, do not be afraid to cross the street. If you do not feel comfortable, then step aside and let the others cross and walk with the crowd.

7. Try not to look up.

Tourists stop easily because walking looks up to see the big buildings in Manhattan. This makes you prone to being robbed because you do not pay attention to yourself, or you may stumble over things or people on the sidewalk. When you walk on the sidewalk, you look forward, but occasionally look up. If you want to look more closely, stand aside and make sure you have your belongings. Distracted people are easy to steal.

8. Walk in a straight line.

Except if you walk behind someone who is slower than you, otherwise you would be bothering and confusing the people behind you.

9. Avoid changing direction suddenly.

Taking a taxi suddenly can irritate someone who is around you. Before taking a cab, you should make sure that there is no one around you. Also, don’t walk with someone who walks in a straight line behind you.

new york city first-time visitors


  • Do not be afraid to act firm and sure. New Yorkers respect people who know what they want and how to get it. They also know that you are not the typical and vulnerable tourist; However, do not be offensive.
  • If you are lost, do not be afraid to ask for help. New Yorkers love to show what they know about the city, as long as you’re friendly.
  • If you annoy a New Yorker unwittingly, just apologize; They usually calm down immediately.


As in any city, there is a certain level of delinquency. Although statistically, New York City has the Boise, Idaho crime rate and, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, it is considered to be America’s safest city, never look as if you are lost or aimless because it will make you appear vulnerable.

Things You’ll Need

  • Map of the subway and buses of New York City.
  • New York City Trust Guide
  • Subway Card
  • Comfortable walking shoes

If you are one of the new york city first-time visitors, after returning from the trip you will need to read this.

Here is a perfect infographic to make you understand what you should do and don’t in New York as a traveler. This infographic created by Marriot.

New York City Travel Tips For First Time Traveler