How To Become A Google Power User

Google is a powerhouse for billions of information and one of the biggest search engine portal. Google has thousands of features, to make the most out of its features we have to master on it. But how can you become a Google power user to get the most benefits from this giant web tech company?

Doubtlessly Google’s competitors are far behind to reach its value.  Usually, people use Google mail, Google search, Google ads, Google Map, etc. Over 95% people don’t know that they can do more with the little finger tap. Today we will shake your brain and polish your Google knowledge so that you can become a Google power user.

Why should you become a Google power user?

You type your word or phrase, specific terms into Google to find something you need, but you find your exact need on the fifth search page. Why don’t you find you desired things in page one? But you can find anything you want almost in first three results of your search page.  Isn’t it easy to essential search? And of course, it’s time saver option to make you more productive.

You will face a million search result on Google for each query. But you won’t be able to find you one in first few links.  Tose are irrelevant to your needs while the search term was not mistyped. In that case, what can you do? Learn to narrow down your search results, search in more specific ways, tell Google that What you exactly looking for.

Instead of looking for your thing in millions of search result, you should ask Google to show it just on the top.  There are some Google secret tips for advanced searching and getting the result better. I can say many pro users still don’t know all of them.

How to be google power user - get the most of search result

How to become a Google power user and search like a pro


The CoolinfoImages shared an amazing Infographic on how to become Google power user, that one you are seeing above.