Fahim Ahsan

Hello and welcome to my world. My name is Fahim Ahsan, and I’m the co-founder of Slash Ideas, a place to find travel recipes and enjoy the life fullest. I like to inspire and motivate people to be the best version of them. Though this site is mostly focusing on improving your travel experience, I’ll help you to boost your earning at the same time.

fahim ahsan

I am the mind behind Slash Ideas while Shah Khalid was helping me out with his knowledge and finance. The original ideas to establish this site was mine. However, both of us are giving efforts to grow it.

Now let me say something about my personal life.

I’m a very simple guy, who loves to simplify life and it’s complicated stuff. At the same time, I love to amplify the income through the Internet.

I completed my primary education in Dhaka and received my degree in Media Information and Journalism from Chittagong University in 2014.

Fahim Ahsan as an online writer

Before becoming a professional writer, In worked in some privet companies in Bangladesh. I choose writing as my profession back in 2010, but in early 2009 I started my first blog with Google’s Blogger platform. My journey of becoming a professional writer was adventurous and broken.

Fahim Ahsan is a professional writer earning full-time income through the internet, Learn how you can do it too.

I started writing a blog because I loved to learn & share. In 2009 I heard that it is possible to earn money through the Internet and with a big hope I created my first blog. It takes more than two years to earn me and learn enough to get paid to write. Withing the next two years, I have learned a little more about SEO and social media marketing.

I got great success in 2014 and started earning five figure income. After that, I’m still growing my audience and revenue. I found and proof that blogging is a great option to initiate and build a career. Initially, I was writing on random topics, but withing very short time I learned it’s better to keep writing on some specific topic.

Now, I know how to make money online by writing and how to become my boss through blogging skills. I prefer to write my stuff, but sometimes I like to practice my copywriting skills.

Slash Ideas is created to inspire you to travel more and live on the road while enjoying the journey!

Fahim Ahsan is living by blogging, generating six-figure income, you can do it too.