50 Rules To Live By For A Happy Life

Everyone learn so many lessons as they get older. Everybody wants to live more comfortable life. It seems simple but at times being a happier person is more complicated. Take note of these 50+ very simple rules to live by. These are the great outline for making your every day happier & more fulfilling.

Sometimes people seek help to other’s for getting things done so that they can be happy. But it’s not the right way to get in touch with happiness. The secret of happiness is playing hide and seek with your daily habits.

50 Rules to live by for a happier life

Here are a few rules I have learned so far.

  1. Question everything.
  2. Be happy in your skin.
  3. A happy spouse is a happy life.
  4. Take liability for your life up to this point.
  5. Believe in your capability to change your circumstances.
  6. Trust your first inducement.
  7. Want the right things in life, but don’t need the good stuff.
  8. Don’t buy with debt. Because this will make you bankrupt.
  9. Never regret the past. You can’t change what has happened.
  10. Always put the family first.
  11. Don’t gossip. Most of the people waste their time by doing so.
  12. If you haven’t used things in 6 months, give it to charity.
  13. Make your peace with death when you are still healthy.
  14. Believe in own higher power, nobody else’s.
  15. Exercise the art of listening.
  16. Never expect anything in return when you help someone.
  17. Help others more often.
  18. Never help others by creating debt.
  19. Help yourself first, so you will have more ability to help others.
  20. Do not get married under pressure.
  21. You should do things for someone as a means to work for yourself.
  22. Do it today, not tomorrow.
  23. Keep in touch with family and friends.
  24. Never compare your life to others, everyone has different circumstances.
  25. Never settle for second best.
  26. Choose the best.
  27. Prepare your confidence in advance.
  28. Do not give your power away by letting others dictate how you feel.
  29. You can’t read everyone’s mind, so stop trying.
  30. Hug as much as you can.
  31. Believe in the power of serendipity.
  32. Get the sunshine every day.
  33. Do not spend half your life in bed, enjoy the life.
  34. Learn from nature; it’s a gift waiting to be discovered.
  35. Don’t waste time by watching TV.
  36. Say ‘I Love You’ from the heart.
  37. Love your spouse with everything you have, but don’t depend on them for anything.
  38. Know your values in life and start living by them.
  39. Learn how to argue your point.
  40. Admit your mistakes. Don’t think you are perfect.
  41. Everyone should get a chance.
  42. Don’t tell all your problem to everyone all the time; it’s panic to them.
  43. Don’t be restricted by rules, break them every once in a while.
  44. Shower every day.
  45. Sleep enough.
  46. Don’t negotiate with an evil companion.
  47. Learn to drive.
  48. Never depend on others.
  49. Lough louder.
  50. Save a little amount from your salary.
  51. In every situation see the positive.
  52. Live in the present.
  53. Stop worrying about the future.
  54. Finally, read the list again.

In conclusion:

Rules-to-live-by-and-be-happySo, do you feel hungry to learn more about life? Here is another for you, read how to be successful. I hope this list will help you a little to get more organized and be happy. But did I miss anything? What have you learned from your life? Can you add any lesson to this list?

Kindly share your experience/advice with me by commenting below. It’ll be great to learn from you.
Wish a happy life.