10 Tips to Define Your Professional Future 2

Know some keys to choosing your career according to specialists in career building. Be confident to achieve future success. Do what you love, what you passionate about.

The academic life and future career of a student can be shaped by their decision to choose one or another professional career. Making this decision is never easy, so if you are not clear about your academic future, these are ten basic tips to keep in mind.


10 Tips To Choosing Your Career

1. Active Attitude

If you don’t know what to study, do not believe that the answer will come to you from moment to moment, in a dream or a vision; You must have an active attitude towards the subject, seek, ask, and inquire about the careers that interest you. Visit the universities, enter the classes, talk to the students and professionals of these careers.

2. Think about what you want to be and not what you want to study

When you ask a child what he wants to be, he readily responds police, fireman, singer, Queen, etc. For the child, it is very simple, because he is not thinking about what it takes to be able to fulfill his dream.

Stop for a moment to think about what to study, and ask yourself what you want to be. It is more important to know what you want to do throughout your working life, to be clear on where you would like to work, to worry about what you have to learn in college to achieve it.

Once you are clear what you want to be and do, see what career corresponds to your desires.

3. You would even do it for free

An indication that you have chosen your career well is to think if you would be willing to exercise even free.

For example, you’re a veterinarian finds a puppy injured in the street, could help you so do not make money with this, because it is your vocation, besides knowing what you are doing, is happy doing it.
If you want to work only for money, you probably are not passionate about your choice, and you will inevitably be dissatisfied with your job.

4. You decide

Do not let others decide for you. Listen to the advice of your parents, family, teachers, friends, but make the decision yourself.

10 Advice to successfully choose a sustainable professional career and avoid mistakes.

5. Are you anxious?

Another sign that may indicate that you have made a good career choice is that you are keen to enter college. At this point, you should want to start studying, because it’s what you like.

6. Why wait?

If you like what you want to study, you should not wait for college to start learning about it.


  1. Who likes photography, takes photos.
  2. The one who wants to be a pilot collects planes.
  3. The passionate about journalism, read the newspaper.

7. Leave the money aside

No career ensures economic success; If there were probably almost all would have studied. Although money is important, you will not have it if you study something that you do not like or that you do not care about, because you will not be a good professional.

Good professionals earn real money, and to be good, you must have a passion for what you do.

If you find a career professional that interests you that has not succeeded, do not worry, suddenly has not run with good luck or maybe not a real professional; Look for others that are successful.

8. Do not compare yourself, nor let them compare you

Not everyone has the same vocation, do not compare yourself with your peers, do not worry if they already know what to study, or if you think that what they are going to study is better than yours. Find your subject, do not let your parents compare you with your brothers or relatives, you are unique.

9. Arguments

If you can not explain your professional career to another person, what you learn in college and where you can work, then you may want to reconsider! You have no idea what you want to be with this race.

The day you can sit down with your parents to explain and argue why that career complements your life project, that day you can say that you have a clear future for your career.

10. To reflect

  • What is better? An evil doctor or a good singer?
  • Who earns more? A mediocre lawyer or a great architect?
  • Who is happier? A frustrated engineer or a vocational dentist?

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      I see many of my friends become failed to achieve their goal just because of their ego and comparing themselves with others. Everyone is unique. SO this is insane to be like someone else.

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